The strip down begins with the frame sent off for powder coating
The engine has been mounted on a special stand which allows it to be rotated.
It has been degreased and painted.
The clutch was checked and the tappets set. The casings are also being powder coated.

While the frame is away the ancillary parts will be checked and replaced if worn.
The rear swing arm needs regular greasing and this one is a bit worn so new bearings and seals will be fitted
The swing arm will also be repainted and it needs a spot of welding along with the centre stand which was cracked
The head bearings are ok so will just be greased and refitted.

I estimate three weeks of prep not including a repaint

15 Dec 20
I got all the parts back after shot blasting and satin powder coating. I prefer this finish for the frame. I checked the headstock bearings and made a metal bolt on cover to protect the shells during the blasting. The rear frame needed to be returned to Advanced metal finishers at Westbury as I didn’t remove a screw and there was a problem with the powder coat around it. Spent two days Tapping holes and flattening cover mating surfaces.

Also the replacement oils and parts are in.

17 Dec 20

wiring loom examined and redone with new connectors and heat resistant (200 degrees) wiring used for engine sensors. It looks like it had an alarm at some point.

Engine reassembled after painting with water pumps and casings it’s best to fit these prior to fitting the frame along with the pipes for the cooling system
TOPTIP. USE NEW o rings and seals

TopTip fit the centre stand before fitting to the Engine this is because the bike can sit on the front wheel and centre stand while you fit the exhaust and radiators. I found the manifold rubbers were perished so these were replaced and the carbs and air box trial fitted.

Engine and frame re reunited.
TOPTIP it the wiring loom now feeding the rear connectors through the seat oblong tunnel . Build the rear swing arm and shock on to the bike attach the rear chain and wheel. The bike is now back on its feet so to speak
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