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    Thank you for showing an interest in The GPZ 900R Owners Club, you are very close to obtaining full access to the club forum.

    There is a nominal charge of 5.00 for one years access to the GPZ 900R Owners Club forum, this subscription payment is designed to pay for the hosting fees and admin costs, ensure that only genuine enthusiasts are involved with the club, and to help prevent inappropriate intrusions from 3rd parties. Please also note that commercial advertising is not allowed in the forums.

    The easiest and simplest way to join, is to register via the button above, and pay by PAYPAL. Once you are registered, and activated, login and follow the "User CP" button, once you are in the user control panel, simply follow the paid subscriptions link in the left hand menu. Once this payment has been made, full access will be granted automatically.

    Alternatively, you can complete the registration process and then call 01380 860641, with a credit/debit card number. Please remember to quote the username that you have registered.

    You will not be able to access the site until payment has been received, and your application validated.

    Thanks once again for your interest in The GPZ 900R Owners Club.

    Best wishes

    Craig Davies
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